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Environmental protection and sustainable production are important constituents of our business philosophy

  • Our environmental management system is certfied according to DIN ISO 14001 since 2006. 

  • Since 2009, we are a member of Umweltpakt Bayern - a campaign of the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Environmental Affairs.

  • We buy our environmentally friendly electricity (from 100% renewable sources) from Greenpeace Energy.

In order to keep our consumption of resources and environmental impact as low as possible, we have been implementing a series of measures:

  • Use of environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging materials made from renewable resources
  • Acquisition of energy-saving machines when possible
  • Exclusive use of chlorine-free reprographic paper (TCF)
  • Efficient state-of-the-art inverter air conditioning instead of conventional A/C
  • Substitution of conventional lamps by more efficient lighting systems (electronic control gear, LEDs)
  • Electronic heating control with night setback for reduced heat loss

We take care to keep our IT environmentally friendly as well:

  • PVC-free network cables (LSOH sheathed)
  • Highly efficient PC and server systems with power supply units certified 80 PLUS-Gold or better
  • Preference for LED-illuminated monitors and PVC/bromide-free casings
  • Use of virtualization technology

Disused but functioning PCs are re-conditioned and donated to educational or other community institutions.

Additionally, all Boyd Corporation TIM products comply with EC directive 2002/95/EG (RoHS) – proof of our commitment to environmental and consumer protection which we see as integral part of our business policy.

TÜV Süd         Umweltpakt Bayern         Greenpeace energy         RoHS compliant


Sven Schirrmacher
Quality Management Representative

+49 (89) 6666 82-470+49 (89) 6666 82-73

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